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Established in 1982 in Silicon Valley, Twin Glass Industries is a leader in Precision Machining, Fabrication, and Polishing of Glass, Borosilicate, Quartz, and Fused Silica, including Glass and Quartz Wafers, Substrates, Bases, Filters, Mirrors, Windows, Prisms, I.CD Glass, and other Products and Configurations.

We produce custom-engineered prototypes and production quantity components for various industries, including aerospace, biomedical, electronics, semiconductor, and biometrics.  We also perform precision machining of coated and filtered glasses.  

We machine and polish non-metallic materials from Corning, Schott, Glaverbel, GE, Hoya, and others; consisting of soda-lime float glass, pyrex/borofloat/borosilicate glass, high purity fused silica/quartz glass.

From our knowledge of glass polishing, we have developed processes for precision mechanical polishing of Acrylic and other materials.  This Capability may be valuable to your company If you need an optical quality finish on the surface of a component.







The  SpeedFam Double-Sided Machines have the ability to process many different materials including silicon wafers, glass, ceramics, and metals.




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