Products & Services

  • We Produce Custom-Engineered Prototypes and Production Quantity Components for the Aerospace, Electronic, Semiconductor, Computer Peripheral, Flat Panel Display, Biomedical, Inspection, Test Equipment, and other Industries.
  • We machine Non-Metallic Materials from Corning, Schtt, Glaverbel, G.F., Hoya, Spectral, and Others Consisting of Sodalime Float Glass, Borofloat (Borosillicate), Pyrex, Optical Glass, Filter Glass, LE Glass, High-Purity Fused Silica and Quartz, Opaque Quartz, and Specialized Substrates. 
  • One of our important services is polishing quartz, principally for quartz fabricators and OEM's in the semiconductor industry.  Another is the precision machining of coated glass which requires special handling.
  • We fabricate and polish quartzware, including Gas Dispersion Plates, Windows, Cover Rings, Diffusers, and Baffle Plates.
  • Polish to Flatness Specification of 2 waves/inch
  • Surface Finish to 20/10 Scratch/Dig.


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